Bob has just finished work on a new website for Smartcube Homes. Smartcube is a new concept in one and two-bed storage container living. Bob was asked to develop the website and supporting materials to help launch the brand.

Smartcube is on a mission to bring affordably priced homes to Bristol. Their homes are constructed from steel shipping containers used to transport goods on trains, trucks and ships. Smartcube is planning to take these basic building blocks and transform them into homes that are as stylish as they are cost-effective.

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy developing a new website and marketing materials. These will help Smartcube introduce the concept to local authorities, housing associations and at home interest exhibitions. The Smartcube team also needed our help to visualise the finished homes. We crafted a set of photo realistic interior and exterior computer generated images based on Smartcube’s own plans. Those renderings are used in the new website, flyers and stationery. The team Smartcube now have the tools they need to progress with their marketing strategy. Here’s to the first Smartcube homes putting foundations down very soon!

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