Good graphic design and print marketing materials can significantly affect how a potential customer looks at your business. There is a skill to getting it right and putting forward the right kind of communication – in this article we will look at a few options of what good graphic design communicates, and a few strategies to help make this work for your business.


Simple Design – A Clear Message

A clear message is what you should be striving for in your print marketing and your graphic design. Whatever form this takes, you should always make sure you are putting your business in the best possible position so the customer knows what you do and how you’re running your business. They should be able to get a clear indication of your product and how it might fit their needs.

Clear Information

Good graphic design will follow basic principles that mean that the information you’re trying to convey can easily be found. There’s no use making a flash print advertisement or poster, if the crux of the information is buried right at the bottom.

Define your Goals

What is it you are trying to say? Good graphic design doesn’t muddle its communication – it has clearly defined goals and a clear message that means viewers of the printed material will be left in no uncertain terms as to what’s happening and who you are.

Visually Compelling

With so many opportunities today to improve the look and feel of your graphic design, you need to be sure your printed material conveys the right message but also looks spot on in terms of appearance. Make sure your audience and potential customer takes a second look, and keeps coming back for more. There are a plethora of creative sites for inspiration – here’s an excellent one showcasing some of the best graphic design from 2014.

Self Assurance

Good printed material sends out messages of confidence and assurance from your business – and can help shape a positive impression of what you’re doing and the product or service you’re selling. Communicating confidence is vital within a business and will help customer’s trust that they’re doing the right thing

At Bob we can help you communicate this confidence, and liaise with you on what we think would help your printed material in terms of graphic design and presentation. Sometimes it’s the little things that count, and it helps to get in touch with experts to make sure the information you’re trying to convey is being presented as precisely, concisely and as attractively as possible.

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