If you run your own company, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd – getting noticed is vital to your success. Life is busy and people everywhere are constantly bombarded with adverts and information, so you need to make sure your brand works hard for you, and gets the right kind of people interested in your products. Whatever business you are in, whether you are a restaurateur or you run a holiday cottage, you will need to create a unique brand that will let people know, and remember, who you are.


The key is developing a brand

Image association is key to good marketing, and this can primarily be achieved through developing a clear, well-designed logo. But brand development is much more than just a logo – it encompasses everything your business says to your audience. Don’t forget that your brand is the first thing potential customers will see, so it is vital that it says something about your company. Brand is about the whole customer experience; from seeing your logo for the first time to speaking to you on the phone or opening a package from your company. Everything you say and do must speak to the audience about your company and your products. Your brand needs to be unique, but try not to be too obvious or cliched.

What is included in brand development?

When developing your brand you need to think about how you want your audience to recognise you, from your logo, the typeface you use for all communication, down to the colours you use on paperwork, packaging, office walls, how you answer the phone and the tone of voice used in any written communication. All these things will say something about your company and will play a part in either influencing people to buy from you, or go elsewhere.

Aim for consistency

Once you have decided on your brand, it is important that you ensure consistency between all platforms – business cards, invoices, displays, car or van livery and staff uniforms. Remember that everything a potential customer sees or hears about your company needs to be on brand.

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