Copywriting is an underestimated and often under-appreciated skill – and many people even working as copywriters or within the industry don’t quite understand exactly what makes a good copywriter – and why good copywriters are so sought after. In this article, we’ll aim to take you through the process of good copywriting, and understand a little bit about how to improve at the art.



One thing that copywriters are very good at is being flexible and adapting to the requirements of any given job. Writing styles and their tone need to be adapted to any given job – and good copywriters are able to juggle many different styles at once when working across a number of different clients or mediums. Being able to adapt quickly, meet deadlines and constantly keep your tone of voice in check is what many would agree makes a good copywriter.

Adapting to Audiences

As well as flexibility in terms of tone and message, good copywriters have a number of different audiences to write for – and each of them have their own specific needs. Every copywriters starts with a goal in mind, and each of them must find the most appropriate way to adapt and speak to their audience to achieve that goal. Whether it’s click through to pages or social media followers – each has their own style.

Copywriting is Not Sales

There is almost certainly a myth around some sectors that copywriting is essentially the same as writing sales copy. It’s not quite that simple – not every bit of copywriting is purely sales, and often although copywriters liaise with marketing department, they are not natural salespeople or marketers themselves. Good copywriters develop their own style and nurture this – and this is what makes them desirable when hiring – it is an art form and not as simple as writing for sales.

Time Management

This one kind of goes without saying, and it’s something that can take years of practice, but good time management is vital if you’re going to be a successful copywriter. It’s especially important if you’re working as a freelancer and managing your own time, but in any case, good copywriters can produce copy because they have prepared and have the time and mental capacity to do it. Bad time management is something everyone is aware of doing from time to time, but as a copywriter you’ll set yourself up for bad copy if you don’t manage your time properly.

Never Stop Learning – and Never Stop Allowing Yourself to be Inspired

As a predominantly creative act, writing is something that requires inspiration in order to develop and flourish. Additionally, there is always someone out there who can probably do better than you. We can get so caught up in what we’re doing or writing – but good copywriters will take time out to read. Only if we’re good at reading can we truly be good at writing.

There are so many little traits good copywriters possess that it would be impossible to list them in a short article such as this. Time management is key – as is the willingness to improve and push forward in every aspect of your learning. If you are looking for expert copywriters to help you achieve your business goals – whether online or in print – contact us for a full run down of the services we offer.

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