What do graphic designers do?

Graphic designers work with printed materials as well as and increasingly, digital imagery and typography. This can be anything from posters, brochures and business cards, to managing your business’s typography – that is, the font and type of writing at the forefront of your business. Good designers will work with the client to establish what they want and help them realise this in a visual and material way. Of course, the client will almost always have a brief to which the designer works but also attempts to bring an additional dimension to this.

Understanding your vision

Good designers are good listeners and know how to channel the best pars of your vision. Here at Bob, our diverse portfolio of work speaks for itself and our designers are experts in understanding your brand’s message whatever industry this may be. Colour theory is also another important role for a designer, as this is often one of the first thing your consumer reacts to. According to Forbes, 65% of us around the world are visual people, which makes graphic design and colour theory a very big part of advertising and selling. Designers should be empathetic people who can respond to what the public want and how different people perceive advertising, finding a middle ground amongst the different ways people interpret. Brand assets are another aspect of a graphic designer’s role, which covers logos, ensuring that the colour theory and typography is consistent and makes sense across the brand.

Graphic designers as techies

Amongst other important skills listed above, a good designer must have an arsenal of knowledge that involves knowing different design programmes, especially in this digital age. Some of these programmes include InDesign, Photoshop, Sketch and other Adobe products.

Good graphic designers are team players

Design companies and agencies should be collaborators. Since they have to work as part of a team, graphic designers must be sympathetic to the others in the team, as brand identity and marketing is composed by different members in a marketing agency for example, the copywriter will work to ensure the copy is finished, which will then be passed onto be proofed, which will then be inserted into the print by the graphic designer, which will then be reviewed by a senior designer. This will all be crossed reference with the front end developers.


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