Looking at the existing logotype you can see it has a number of quirks. Firstly, it is very long, especially when locked up with the brand device (ram’s head) in landscape format. This makes it difficult to use in certain applications. The gaps between words are also inconsistent. The most noticeable instance is between ‘Wool’ and ‘Rich’ compared to the gap from ‘Gaskell’ to ‘Wool’ (see green), but the general kerning can also be tweaked in a number of places to either increase or decrease the space between letterforms (see magenta). As we show below, there are other suggestions for how this logotype might be arranged to benefit the overall utility of the logo.

The ram’s head in its existing form is irregular in width along its length (see magenta). It also has a number of slight kinks in the curves (see green) which appear to be drawing errors. The overall impression we have is the irregular nature of the shape is more likely a result of sub-optimal drawing rather than a decision to create an imperfect or rustic looking design. We have therefore done a number of things to improve the overall device in our revised version. To maximise the inherent balance of the design, we have used the golden ratio to slightly tweak the height to bring it into 1:161 proportions. We have redrawn the line to ensure the wdith in consistent along its length. We have smoothed some of the curves a little to achieve a flowing line.

The end result shows the effects that a minor rebrand, with a few minor adjustments and some polish can create. It is now a much more useable brand, with useable landscape and portrait options and a refined colour palette. Gaskell have a shiny new set of brand files they can use internally to bring consistency and style to all their communications and we’re now working with them on a set of brand guidelines considering the use of imagery and suitable styles, application to social media and how some of their printed materials might begin to evolve with the tweaked identity.

If, like Gaskell, you think there is something not quite right with your brand, but you like it and want to see how it can just be made to work better, why not discuss your rebrand with Wayne & Stuart? Bob’s resident brand boffins.

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