In today’s digital world, where the internet is inescapable, marketplaces are getting more and more crowded. It is in these instances where a strong brand really comes into its own. Why is branding important? There are several reasons why creating a strong brand is important, especially where consumers are concerned. The three key elements to consider when creating your company branding are as follows:


1. Consumers relate brands to businesses

For potential customers, your branding represents the human side of your business, the side that they can relate to and form an emotional connection with. Why is branding important? Strong branding helps to ultimately drive brand loyalty, customer retention and, in the end, more conversions, new customers and future business.

2. Brand identities appeal visually

As people, we cannot escape our magpie tendencies; the human mind is naturally drawn towards the shiny and exciting. In the same way, brand identities can provide real stand out – especially when it comes to products overloaded on shopping shelves. Brands create an opportunity to allow products to speak for themselves.

A strong brand will create an engaging visual identity, and utilise sound brand strategy, to ensure that their brand is the first choice in their consumer’s mind.

You want your business to stand out so that consumers are drawn towards you; this can be achieved through dynamic website design, digital design, packaging and a consistent tone of voice and messaging across your entire organization and through all of your customer touch points and marketing channels.

3. Brands today are a lifestyle choice

People are pruning and altering their spending and consumer habits to align their lives with the lifestyle they covet. Channels such as Instagram and Pinterest are giving potential customers spaces where they can share a snapshot of their lives, editing it to match the lifestyle that they want others to believe they have. Strong brands use these channels well – they become strong business partners and form a big part of their branding strategy.

It’s an interesting phenomenon that has taken hold, but one that businesses need to recognise. When thinking about consumer behavior, consumers are becoming more conscious of what a brand represents; they want to know if their values, morals, and aspirations mirror their own? if it does, this can really inspire customer loyalty. Today brands need to mould their brand story completely around their target audience’s hopes, aspirations and ethical considerations. To create a strong brand, you need a clear brand strategy allied with exceptional customer service to sit alongside the beautifully cultivated brand image and visual elements to create and retain loyal customers.

So there you have it, three reasons why good branding is important to consumers. Here at Bob in Bristol, a graphic design agency, we deal with a range of services to enhance your brand equity (or brand image), such as branding, brand strategies, brand marketing, brand identity, brand development and more. If you would like any more information on any of these, or to discuss all the benefits, please get in touch. We’d love to discuss how our offering can help your offering!

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