If you’re wondering what exactly makes branding one of the most important aspects of marketing for an organisation, there’s one simple answer – brand marketing is the one thing that will stick in the minds of customers or clients, far beyond any interaction, meeting or pitch.

In the world of marketing, brand identity is the ideal way to help your organisation stand out from the competition, developing a connection with the people you’re trying to reach and establishing your organisation as the first thing they think of when they think of that ‘thing’ – if you think that’s untrue, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll associate the following items with a certain brand you prefer:

• coffee
• batteries
• chocolate
• painkillers
• beer

If some brand names didn’t immediately pop into your head, you’d be a part of the minority; and that is the power of brand identity and development. But branding is not just a great tool for consumable products – utilising an overarching brand strategy, from web design through to printed materials and advertising campaigns, is a simple way to establish your organisation in people’s minds, no matter what your goal is.

Of course, you want to be remembered for the right reasons and that’s why positive associations from attractive messages and great graphic design also play a major part in the development of a brand. Having a consistent, well-developed brand in place, with all the guidelines that this comes with, can ensure that your organisation is noticed more often over multiple platforms.

It’s not all about standing out from the crowd though; a strong brand strategy can have a positive internal effect as well, offering employees and team members a goal to work towards and a brand they are proud to work under and be associated with, whether for its fresh approach or for its style.

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