Email marketing is not dead. In fact, investing the time to build an email list is perhaps the most important tool in online marketing. Email is still the most powerful way to communicate in the online world and is the best way to build an engaged audience, sell a product online or create hype about an upcoming project or event. If you’re still feeling hesitant about building an email list, these three reasons will convince you that you need to start today.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Build an Email List:

You will deliver your content fast
While not every member of your community may check your website or social media channels every day, they’re almost guaranteed to check their emails multiple times per day. If you have something important to share that you want to ensure your audience receives, email is one of the best mediums for communicating it.

You can control it
Even though social media is one of the most powerful ways for promoting your brand and creating a following, the reality is that you don’t own Facebook, Instagram or any of the social media channels you’ve spent so long trying to grow your community on. When algorithms change, like what happened with Facebook not too long ago, you may find that all of a sudden, your posts only reach a tiny proportion of your audience unless you start paying to promote your posts. With your email list, you have full control over it. Always. If you’ve invested the time in building a strong email list, you are ensuring that your updates will always reach your followers without having to worry about algorithms.

You’re reaching your most loyal followers
Your email subscribers are your most loyal followers. They have entered their personal email address into your website and have agreed to receive email updates directly to their inbox from you, encouraging you to talk directly to them. It’s easy to follow a brand on Twitter and scroll absently through their updates. Subscribing to an email list is very different; it’s much more personal. Email subscribers are essentially giving you permission to enter their personal online space. This means that they really like what you’re about and they’re engaged. These are the best followers to have. Speaking directly to them via email builds your personal relationship with them.

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