It’s surely one of the first things for your business to think about when putting together a new website. An eye-catching and attractive landing page can remove all distractions from the aims of your website, and focus the message on the very basics that will help your online presence convert. In this article, we look at some reasons why your business needs a great landing page, and the reasons why it’s likely to make a big difference.


What do you want to achieve?

One of the first things you need to think about when creating a landing page is what you want to achieve. Defining a goal, and then tracking that goal to receive measurable metrics is very important – the aim of your landing page will play a big part in dictating its look and feel. It can sometimes be hard to take yourself away from the design process at this stage, but spending some time thinking about what you’re looking for may save you time and money further down the process.

Create a sales funnel

It’s very unlikely that someone will land on your website and buy immediately. Especially these days, when there is a proliferation of excellently designed e-commerce sites with finely tuned landing pages, it’s likely that potential customers will follow a process of checking back on your site many times – possibly in search of offers or deals – before they purchase. Good landing pages that track definable goals is one step towards creating a measurable sales funnel and tracking users as they journey down that funnel. Capture their data, follow their social media habits or market to them via email – all of these can be done via a well designed, enticing landing page and make a big difference to the sales figures of your company.

High conversion rates

The thing you’re looking for on your website, one would imagine, is a high conversion rate. That is – a high number of people ‘converting’ and buying your project, signing up to your mailer, or whatever target you want to achieve. Design your webpage with the aim of getting as many people into the sales funnel as possible or whatever target you’ve aimed for – well designed landing pages will almost always see higher conversion rates than those where the user has to search or delve too far to get the answer.

A good design

The above point is only really relevant if you couple it with the idea that a high conversion rate will only occur if the aesthetics and overall design of your page is attractive. Thinking about this in advance can go a long way to ensuring you get this right – but it’s amazing how many businesses insist on ugly typography or a poor layout and still expect customers to flood in. Remember that there is no shortage of competition that probably looks and feels better – put the work in (and money if you have to) to ensuring you get a good feel to your landing page.

Help your visitor understand

No potential customer wants to be left in the dark. Chances are, if they are, they are not a potential customer. Your business needs a great landing page because it will help a visitor to your site understand what you’re all about. Imagine landing on your page for the first time and not knowing anything about you – making it concise, interesting, informative and education. Create trust by educating people and telling them your story – it’s the best way to gain a following.

Understand your audience

There are hundreds of ways to track visitors to landing pages, and how they get there, so make the most of this data in Google Analytics and use this knowledge to your advantage. Use the data you’re given to try out some options when it comes to keywords and audience targeting.

Having a great landing page is important. It sets the tone for your online business and sets up the beginning of a user journey which could ultimately end in a sale. Keep the experience a positive one, and that may well become a number of return journeys. If you would like to know more about how to create the best landing page possible for your business – whether it be from a design or marketing point of view – contact us and speak to one of our team.

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