Creating a good, powerful logo is essential to building a lasting successful business. It is your face of your business and the forefront of all communication you’ll have with the public and future customers and clients.

So why is time spent on a logo important for long term business?

Identity creates image

Image is everything when it comes to business, and your logo should say everything about you in one quick glance. For example, bold logos give the impression of aggressiveness, great for a marketing company. As there are thousands of logos for every company on every page of every newspaper out there, designing something unique and true to you is important to you and your business.

Your brand is a powerful marketing tool

If you play your cards right and practice clever and careful marketing, a logo can be the main reason for a customer buying your product. Take Apple for example, owning an iPhone, iPod, MacBook, AppleMac etc has become something of a social status. Apple’s marketing strategy has made them a must-have brand, one that people will camp outside shops for to be the first to buy the latest gadget!

Your logo encourages loyalty

Once people associate your logo with quality products or service, just seeing it will be enough to encourage people to buy in to you and your company. Building that loyalty in the first place means your logo needs to be strong, memorable and featured on every product and piece of advertising.

Establishes ownership

Your logo is the equivalent to a signature. It proves ownership and is a guard against fakes. Having a strong logo promises your customers that what they’re buying is of the quality they usually expect from you and only you.

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