Wisen SEN Mentoring is on a mission to make SEN easier to navigate for parents and carers of children with special educational needs. Wisen is the brainchild of Selina Neville, founder of the Hummingbirds Montessori School in Kingston upon Thames. Bob Design & Marketing previously worked with the team at Hummingbirds to develop the school identity, so we were delighted when Selina approached us to help launch her new venture.

The Task
Wisen has been set up to help demystify SEN, whether a family is at the start of a journey understanding what SEN might mean for their child, through to families with children who have been diagnosed as having special educational needs but don’t know where to turn next. The team at Wisen SEN Mentoring are on hand with all the knowledge gained from first hand experience both at Hummingbirds School and at home, to provide real, practical advice with hands-on support for times when families can be finding it tough. Wisen SEN Mentoring provides counselling should families need support in the home environment, guidance on how to pursue and gain a SEN diagnosis, communication with nurseries, schools and other establishments where a child already has a diagnosis to ensure best provisions are in place, and simply being a reassuring presence should anything in the process ever feel a bit much to handle.

The team here felt privileged to be able to work on creating an identity for a brand that will have such a positive impact on families lives. We consulted closely with Selina to carefully understand her service offering and crafted our initial design concepts to reflect her vision of unquestionable professional expertise balanced with the uplifting playfulness of young children.

The new Wisen SEN Mentoring brand identity combines a series of humanistic and empathetic visual signatures through use of typography, character development and colour. The primary mid blue shade provides a calming yet professional feel. The Bob team has also created a series of charming, stick man style children assets that inhabit the logotype to reflect the playfulness at the heart of every child. The typography is carefully curated to feel at once approachable and trustworthy with the acronym SEN subtlety highlighted within the logotype. The vision is for the stick style characters to begin to take on a more dynamic role within the brand identity, perhaps appearing in other poses and guises online and throughout printed materials.

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